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ROVTEX Sausage Filler

Stainless steel 12L sausage filler

Stainless steel manual 12 litre sausage filler
with four different diameter stainless steel funnels

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Sausage filler / stuffer features

Vertical Rack type sausage filler / stuffer with new gearing system. Two level gear allows fast piston release for quick and easy cylinder re-fill.

Cylinder diameter: 21.5cm
Cylinder height: 31.5cm
Base 37 X 33 cm,
Height 64 cm

Four different diameter funnels cover most popular sizes of standard sausage casings: 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm

The air-exhaust valve in the piston allows excess air to escape as the piston moves down. The valve closed automatically when the piston touches the meat. This decreases air pockets in your sausage links

  • Easily removable bowl for cleaning

  • Silicon seal

  • Quality construction for durability

  • Stainless steel body and mechanism

  • Passed SGS food safety certification

  • Spare parts and spare seals are available

12 months WARRANTY on PARTS or Back-to-Base
(excluding silicone seal)

All spare parts are available for after warranty period repairs

state-of-art 12L stainless steel manual sausage filler

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Sausage Making

A. Using meat mincer with sausage filling nozzle

Prepare meat by running it through the fine grinding plate and mix sausage ingredients until all the spices are evenly distributed.

Choose the largest grinding plate and install it with the sausage filling funnel without the knife. Using knife while filling sausages, reduces the filling pressure.

B. Using 12L manual sausage filler

Mix sausage ingredients until all the components are evenly distributed. Some popular sausage recipes could be found here: beef sausage recipes, pork sausage recipes, venison sausages

Set up the handle to upper gear axel and move it clockwise to get pistol out of the cylinder. Pull the top of cylinder out and fill it with sausage mixture. Do not over fill!

Push cylinder back into position. Move handle from top axle to the lower gear axel. Pull on the sausage casing. Fill the casing moving handle clockwise

C. Cool sausage mix

Don't force. Wait until temperature of mix and temperature of piston become even. Colder cylinder will catch warmer piston. Lubricate seal with food grade oil or fat. 

ModelPower supplyCylinderSize, mmWeight, kg
SV-12hbManualdiameter - 215mm
height - 315mm
Sausage fillers - 10L  12L  15L
Sausage fillers - 10L  12L  15L
How many kilos? Depends on your sausage mix density. Each mix has different density, which depends on fat content.
To estimate put a bit of your mix in room temperature water.
If it floats, the mix is lighter and capacity in kilograms would be less then capacity in litres (for ex, 12L filler would handle 11kg loads)
If the mix sink - it's heavier then water and capacity in litres would be less then in kilograms (for ex, 12L filler would handle 13kg loads)

7 things to watch when buying a sausage filler

1. Quality of metal. Painted vs Stainless Steel

Painted fillers are cheaper because paint covers low quality metal. Often, it's recycled metal.
ROVTEX sausage fillers are made of high quality stainless steel.

2. The metal thickness of the rack walls

The pressure on piston transfers to the rack walls that hold cylinder. If walls are made of thin metal, they will bent and cylinder fall down. The cheaper fillers use 0.80-1.00mm steel on the walls.
The sides of 12L ROVTEX fillers are made of 1.9mm high quality stainless steel.

3. Gear box

It's another point where savings are made at the cost of quality. Make sure it's not plastic.
<< == See video of the ROVTEX gearbox in action

4. Number of Gears

Must be two. Slow - to move piston down. Fast - to move it up.

5. Air-exhaust valve

The air-exhaust valve in the piston allows excess air to escape as the piston moves down. The valve closed automatically when the piston touches the meat. This decreases air pockets in your sausage links

6. Availability of spare seals

The filler is not functional if the silicone seal is broken.  Make sure you can get a replacement seal of the particular size and shape. Different sausage fillers use different shape of seals. We supply replacement seals for ROVTEX fillers

7. Warranty

Back-to-base or spare parts warranty.

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