Meat Slicer 250 mm
Commercial 250 mm meat slicer with blade sharpening head


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Meets - European Standard Quality Requirements

RRP $970

250mm meat slicer
efficient, solid, strong and beautiful

Size difference between 220mm, 250mm and 300mm meat slicers

Right side view
This slicer is the basic model that trading companies put their label on and charge extra for that. It has no brand, so we are able to offer it at lower price. It's made in China (like everything else these days), but it's made under strict quality control and meets
  - European Quality Standard requirements

Safety, functionality and ease of use are the features of this belt driven slicer. It's capable of slicing the variety of foods essential to restaurants, kitchens and fast food outlets.
It comes complete with blade sharpener.

It has 12 months warranty on parts. After 12 months period spare parts could be obtained from

Left side view
  • Dimensions:
    mm 48 x 41 x 42cm
  • Weight 23.5 kgs
  • 240 Volt - easy and convenient connection
  • cost-effective 240 Watt power
  • Blade diameter 250 mm
  • Maximum slicing width
    (cut-off journey) 155mm
  • Slice thickness 0 to 15 mm
Built in blade sharpener
for head-ache-free blade sharpening

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